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Empowering women, unleashing confidence.

Equipping women with the life changing skills to break barriers, shatter stereotypes, and build a world where every woman feels fiercely confident. 



Demetra Bradley, MCJ is a motivational speaker, empowerment coach, and self defense instructor. She has extensive experience in helping young girls and women transform their mindsets and achieve their full potential through creative trainings and speeches. 

Demetra is an Army Veteran, has a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice, and currently serving in Law Enforcement. She recognizes that crime can happen at any moment, and some women may not know how to protect themselves in that moment. Demetra is passionate about eliminating that fear by building mental and physical confidence through self defense. She has helped numerous individuals overcome personal and professional challenges and reach their confidence goals. Demetra has also worked with organizations of all sizes and helped them create a culture of increased employee engagement and productivity, leadership skills, and better decision making. Her approach is based on the belief that everyone has the potential to achieve greatness, and that with the right mindset and tools, anything is possible.

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Self Defense of the Mind

Throughout this speech, the audience is taken on a transformative journey, learning how to identify and combat negative thought patterns, self-doubt, and external influences that may hinder personal growth and happiness. Demetra provides the audience with the

Three D's of Mental Self Defense to develop a proactive mindset to overcome obstacles.


Know Your Worth, No Discounts

With a compelling blend of personal anecdotes, motivational insights, and practical advice, Demetra emphasizes the importance of recognizing one's inherent worth and refusing to settle for less than what they deserve. The audience will leave ready to set high standards for themselves and take bold steps towards fulfilling their true potential in every aspect of life.  


Radiate and Elevate: Igniting Confidence in Girls

Demetra addresses the unique challenges faced by young girls and aims to inspire them to embrace their true potential with unshakeable confidence. The young audience will develop a strong sense of self, free from societal pressures and unrealistic expectations. 

***All choices have the option to add a hands on, physical self defense class***

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"I learned practical skills to protect myself. Demetra was great, made me feel comfortable enough to improve on my weak areas."

— Name, Title


"I am definitely more comfortable protecting myself and my kids. I'm not as fearful to send my daughter to college after us taking this class."

— Name, Title

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